What's So Great About Ringback Tones?

Occasionally you may have called someone, on their cellphone and instead of the normal ring ring, you heard something very different. You might have heard music or some sort of audio message. Don't worry, your call will still go through as soon as it get's answered, but what you just heard was a ringback tone. Ringbacks are a cool new feature that can be put on your cellphone, which will only be heard by the person calling.

So why should you pay attention to ringback tones? Well, my opinion is they are a really cool feature that allows you to individualize your cellphone in a way that a simple phone cover or skin won't do. I always thought that ringtones were cool, and I still do. Those are the ring styles or songs that are played by your cell phone speaker when someone calls you. As compared to ringbacks, which are played through the earphone of the phone of the person making a call to you.

You might not have heard of them even though they have been around for, but don't let that make you think they aren't popular. On the contrary, they are growing steadily every year. It is estimated that in 2009, out of 3 billion cellphone users (in the world), there wer over 300 million ringback tones downloaded to cellphones. And that number is continuing to rise. So again, why should you jump on the bandwagon? Here are my top reasons to at least try them and see what kind of reception you get from your buddies.

  • The range of ringbacks available span current hit songs to classic and topical songs, as well as audio clips. You can even personalize your audio clips your self.
  • It is cheap to install a ringback. There will be a monthyly charge to enable ringback tones, and then each individual tone is purchased, typically around .99 cents or a few dollars.
  • It is super easy to update your phone with a collection of ringbacks, and manage the schedules you want the ringbacks played, by using apps that your cellphone company provides to manage your ringtones.
  • Your ringbacks can be programmed to play for certain people, or at certain times of the day.
Another option if you don't want to play ringbacks on your own phone is to give a gift certificate to someone you know so they can try them out. For example, get your Dad some cellphone gifts on Father's Day and include some ringback tones of his favorite current rap songs. Then he can use his coupon to download a few more ringbacks of his choosing.

Hopefully this has given you a bit more information about what ringback tones are, and why you should be interested in them. Have fun!