My Ringback Tones

I love ringback tones. I love them enough that I think a blog about my ringback tones is totally warranted. I think this is just the coolest invention (after ringtones of course) ever. It's like a retro revival of the on-hold elevator music of the 80's. You get the 'please wait' music, but you're not really on hold. Ringback tones while the phone is ringing ... ingenious!!

The only drawback is that the cellphone carriers control the ringback tones. No downloading directly to your phone like my ringtone collection. Or heaven forbid, make your own mix and upload. Well, that must be just around the corner if it's not already available. (note to self: go see if I can do this with my ringback tones yet).

Next post ... my current 'ringback tone playlist' - complete with my caller list that I customize my tones for. I think it's important to know who's calling me when I talk about the ringback tone that I've set up for my peeps.